Cabinet de Curiosités
de Monsieur Honoré


Adorable, absolutely, but this bijou of a showcase is elegant too.

The concept of this new Parisian boutique is as follows: to offer a charming selection of chic little objects, jewellery and stylish accoutrements for the home and wardrobe, all created by artists and designers, all with a soupçon of humour, all within a décor that pays tribute to the microcosmic diversity of the cabinet of curiosities.

Full of gifts to give others or oneself - without moderation - it’s a venue that will constantly evolve both in terms of merchandise and interior.

Monsieur Honoré has created a poetic and intimate atmosphere for his magical world contained within 25m2, whose façade and walls are a delicate shade of satiny off black, opening out onto two windows with lovingly created displays.

Welcoming all who enter is a stuffed crow whose beady eye watches over the central glass stand, which, like a museum showcase, is home to monkey and wild boar skulls…

On the surrounding cabinets, in the style of travelling trunks, especially created for the boutique in stained oak with natural leather handles, Monsieur Honoré presents his delectable choice of objects under glass bell jars and the photographic gaze of his ancestors frozen forever in Napoléon III frames.

Alongside them we discover pinned butterflies, vintage convex mirrors and, among other delicacies, jewellery that’s come straight from a fairy tale, little British notebooks, as well as a line of printed silk clutches, cushions and ‘inside bags’ hand-embroidered with black sequinned initials, all designed by Monsieur Honoré himself…

A most Adorable Cabinet de Curiosités indeed!